mara-lousSomebody once told me that life is not a game, it's a chance to give and receive love!But also know that u can't find love, love has to find u!


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1 poison banana
( -/- )
19.8.06 15:00
What 's up? Come up like a low rider but hold on shorty or get blown away. I see u faking from my shadow and people want smack u. who got the juice now man? just smack back. we one blood cause i'm married to my gun. some people hate but smile in my face like it's alright, fuck em. No mercy no fear let em' hate and holla back. Lights camera and action and look at me now a grown man in front of u ready to blast u away. U can hate it or love it but things won't change. Who want bump heads with me come on now it's your last chance to stop me remember!I'm so fly how can i proof u man?

1 poison banana
( -/- )
6.8.06 19:41
Yeah ride with my, come try a ride. I brought my homie with me MARA. Come on holla at em.

For some people i'm the sugar dady but for other people the death, man cause they don't know i work magic and make em disappear. Some women got a man but they aren't like me. Perhaps they put it down but they can't put down like me. Everywhere i go, i mean like everwhere i be, it seems like everybody knows how i go down and where i bang.

I mean some women make a true player's heart brake. WHY they wanna hurt, me? AND a last word to all snitches in the world put your money in my hands and catch me if u can!

( -/- )
6.8.06 18:49
Ich ahb ja auch nicht gesagt, dass du was schlimmes gemacht hast, oder dass ich was dagegen hätte!
Sondern ich hab ja nur gefragt, wer du bist! Obwohl ichs mir auch so denken kann!!*gg*

1 poison banana
( -/- )
5.8.06 18:33
Ich mache doch überhaupt nichts schlimmes nur ein bisschen freestylen. Da kann man doch überhaupt nichts dagegen haben. Du kamst sogar einmal in meinem text vor!

Hurricane poison banana! I'm the Advocate. I can hear them talking when the sun goes down and the guns come watch yo mouth.Some people change on u and try to take your life or more. Don't let em !!! A man is the last thing u should fear and i speak from the heart when i say they'll cross your way.

Some people hate and smile in my face like it's alright but my music lives on.

( -/- )
5.8.06 01:11
Also ich hab da ja so meine vermutung wer du bist 1 poison banana aber egal!
Also: Wer bist du ????

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